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ClickCoin offers anyone with internet access the possibility to earn your share of CryptoCurrency known as a Click Coin Credit.

ClickCoin Credit's are exchangeable in all international currencies, debit cards, paypal are also accepted.

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How to get Click Coin Credits?

Anyone can earn Click Coin Credits! - All you need is a device connected to the internet, the will and skill to click number captcha's

You will be presented with a page and clickable captcha's using your numpad ;)

Register > Select a package > Click > Start Earning Click Coin Credits. You can buy and sell Click Coin Credits 24/7 in all International Currencies!

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Select a Click Coin Credit Package

Diamond - $10

Earn $0.50 per 10 000 Click Coin Clicks.


Paper Plane - $20

Earn $0.50 per 1 000 Click Coin Clicks.


News Maker - $100

Earn $0.50 per 100 Click Coin Clicks.


Heart & Soul - $500

Earn $0.50 per 10 Click Coin Clicks.


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